Webinar: The Race To New Finance

We’re witnessing a systemic shift in the ways entities look to fundraise, trade, attract loans and generally access credit, all in an effort to bypass today's slow, expensive and inefficient systems.

Additionally, the growing increase in cross-border payments and the need to provide banking to the unbanked has furthered the demand to harness scalable and secure technology.

Furthermore, consumer expectations are evolving exponentially - putting pressure on institutions, financial and beyond, to rethink their existing structure and innovate or be left behind!

During the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance's global webinar, Blockchain Technology, New Finance and the Race to Innovate or Be Replaced, key members of the Algorand team share how their unique approach to blockchain technology removes the friction from economic exchange across several recent use cases.

Hear from top executives at Circle, Blockstack, Republic and Algorand as they discuss:

  • Where we are on the blockchain adoption curve & where we're going
  • Why digital assets are moving to the blockchain
  • The need for both public and private infrastructures
  • Interoperability and technology for a maturing industry
  • and more!

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