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Algorand for Developers

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Algorand’s open source implementation makes it simple and fast for developers to build on blockchain. Our developer enablement program encompasses Java, JavaScript (node.js and browser), and Go SDKs, REST APIs, and comprehensive developer resources and collaboration tools.

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New to using Algorand Virtual Machine (AVM) from SDKs? Learn the following from this edition of Algorand Dev Office hours: What’s AVM? How to use AVM from SDKs? How to use program cost budgets? How to create a pooled group? How to do inner transactions? How to log from your smart contract?


This session covers Tinyman’s decentralized AMM trading protocol built on the Algorand blockchain.

Reach & PyTeal

In this session Algorand Developer Advocate Russ Fustino walk through his Morra Game which he wrote using Reach.

Pipeline UI

This session covers how to quickly add a UI to your Algorand dApp using the Pipeline UI framework.



Algorand Virtual Machine

Blockchain for Java Developers

Exploring Algo Builder

Adding QR Codes To Your Dapp

NFTs for Collecting, Gaming & Royalties

NFT Roundtable

Blockchain for Mobile C# Xamarin Developers

TEAL 3 Updates

Building on Algorand using AlgoDEA IDE

MyAlgo Connect with RandLabs

Introduction to Algorand Builder

Introduction to Algorand Indexer

Assets and Custom Transfer Logic Using Algorand Smart Contracts

Building Algorand-Enabled DApps with AlgoSigner

Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs)

Building Dapps on Algorand Using Reach

Algorand's Smart Contract Language

How to set up your Algorand Environment

New to blockchain development?

Getting started is easier than you think

Grants & Funding For Your Project

We understand the importance of providing entrepreneurs with the resources, support, and incentives to take their project from “zero to one”.

The Algorand Foundation is offering a 250 Million ALGO Grants program to empower innovation and development supporting the growth of a vibrant, diverse and thriving Algorand ecosystem.

You may also be interested in applying to one of our partner accelerator programs:

Watch the Webinar - Start Building

Suitable for both enterprise developers as well as independent blockchain developers - this introductory level presentation covers some of the basic building blocks and tools required to start building scalable decentralized applications (Dapps) using the Algorand blockchain.

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