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About AssetBlock

AssetBlock is focused on tokenizing real estate and offers broader quality real estate investments formerly reserved for institutional investors. AssetBlock was founded with the belief that new foundational technology will enable more secure, accessible, and efficient investments in the real estate market. By increasing access to more high-performing investment opportunities and lowering the cost of capital for professionals across asset classes, AssetBlock believes the private securities market can shift towards a more open and efficient economy.

How AssetBlock is using Algorand

Algorand is the selected blockchain for AssetBlock, ensuring that accuracy, access, transparency, and best-in-class security standards are met. Algorand serves as a record of ownership of real estate assets, asset-related information, proof of loan transactions, and key loan documents. Like Algorand, AssetBlock believes in a global, borderless economy accessible to anyone, no matter who or where they are. Mike Liddell, CEO of AssetBlock said “The Algorand platform is the only technology that can ensure the accuracy, transparency, and best-in-class security that’s required to bring accessibility and efficiency to real estate investment.”

AssetBlock Launches Investment Platform on Algorand with Initial $60 Million in Real Estate Assets

Latest News

Sep 17, 2019

AssetBlock Launches Tokenized Property Trading on Algorand Blockchain

Sep 17, 2019

AssetBlock Tokenizes $60M of Real Estate on Algorand’s Blockchain

Sep 17, 2019

AssetBlock brings tokenized real estate platform to Algorand with $60M in assets

AssetBlock and Algorand: Modernizing Real Estate Investment and Leveraging Digital Assets

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