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About AssetSmith

AssetSmith, a development tool built by digital engagement platform Jambb, allows users to mint assets, manage its distribution, and watch for changes all in one easy app with no coding required. It allows curious developers to create and send Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs) with zero blockchain experience, enabling further adoption and development of the Algorand protocol.

How AssetSmith is using Algorand

AssetSmith users will be able to quickly tokenize their assets on the Algorand network, enabling them to take advantage of Algorand's affordable, scalable, and fast protocol. A winner of the Algorand Foundation's Development Rewards Program, AssetSmith will help accelerate adoption of the Algorand blockchain by making it quick and easy for enterprises to issue their own ASAs. AssetSmith selected Algorand for its robust developer resources, speed, scalability and true decentralization that it provides its users.

The latest winner of the Algorand Development Awards Program: Jambb Inc.

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