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About Attestiv

Attestiv is a tamper-proof media validation platform and product provider in the insurance, IoT, public safety, financial services, and news media spaces. Established in 2018, Attestiv verifies the authenticity of digital media and data, helping organizations build efficient processes, improve customer experience, and provide the highest standard for information exchange. Utilizing artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, Attestiv assures the authenticity of digital media captured by any person or device, helping organizations of all types build trust and transform their business with new services, cost savings, and fraud prevention.

How Attestiv is using Algorand

Algorand's blockchain solutions allow Attestiv to store digital media assets directly on the blockchain with a digital "fingerprint," ensuring that the assets are not manipulated in cases of insurance fraud. By building on Algorand, Attestiv can ensure a range of privacy and security options that gives regulated businesses the required levels of compliance they demand.

Algorand Use Cases Live Event: Attestiv

In this live event, CEO and Co-Founder of Attestiv, Nicos Vekiarides, explains how the company is delivering a higher standard for your digital data and media.

Algorand Announces First Insurtech Use Case: Attestiv Digital Media Validation for Fraud Prevention

Latest News

May 21, 2020

Algorand Targets Insurance Fraud With New Partnership

May 22, 2020
Modern Consensus

Algorand: Insurers investigate, blockchain corroborates

Sept 3, 2020
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Algorand Blockchain Onboards First Insurtech Use Case

Attestiv, Inc Receives Investment from Borderless Capital - September 3, 2020

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