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About Bleumi

Bleumi, a Boston-based blockchain technology company, is focused on building payment solutions that cover the last mile of the blockchain ecosystem by enabling digital currency adoption by businesses in everyday payment and payout use cases. Bleumi Pay offers powerful integration tools for businesses of all sizes—from startups to enterprises—to integrate digital currency payments and payouts without worrying about the complexities of digital currency payment validations and error handling.

How Bleumi is using Algorand

Bleumi Pay on Algorand supports payments via e-commerce plugins WooCommerce, Adobe Magento, OpenCart, ZenCart, DrupalCommerce and OsCommerce. Businesses can now simply download the plugins and start accepting digital currency payments. Bleumi is using Algorand because the protocol offers unprecedented levels of performance and speed at a fraction of the cost compared to other competing networks, which is essential for everyday payments and payouts use cases. Bleumi is also excited about the opportunity to support Algorand-based Central Bank Digital Currencies on Bleumi Pay.

The Future on Algorand: How Bleumi is Removing Friction from Payments

Algorand's VP of Marketing Keli Callaghan sits down with Bleumi Co-founder & CEO Thomas Arul to talk about how Bleumi is removing friction from payments.

Bleumi Pay Now Supports Algorand Blockchain for Payments and Payouts

Latest News

Sept 16, 2020
Global FinTech Series

Bleumi Pay Now Supports Algorand Blockchain for Payments and Payouts

Sept 16, 2020
AI Authority

Bleumi Pay Now Supports Algorand Blockchain for Payments and Payouts

Payments, Payouts, and Micro-transactions all on one easy-to-use platform. Learn more about the Algorand and Bleumi partnership in this summary.

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