SIAE, one of the largest rights management companies founded in 1882, launches 4 Million NFTs on Algorand representing rights of nearly 100,000 creators.


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About Cudo

Cudo has created a distributed computing platform that allows businesses and individuals to take advantage of a network of underutilized devices with unused computing power to scale their own business processes. The CUDOS Validator Network (CVN) provides blockchain developers with access to highly scalable compute resources for a fraction of the cost that running on a layer 1 protocol entails, eliminating scalability issues for many of these developer's applications. With a fast growing network of adopters in over 145 countries, Cudo's easy to use solution allows anybody with a computer, server, or data center to set up and start earning in seconds, and their unique profit engine automatically selects the job that promises the most profitability for compute suppliers.

How Cudo is using Algorand

Cudo has been selected as a recipient of a Algorand Foundation Grant, which will provide Cudo with the expertise and funding to build services for the Algorand developer community to offer Turing complete compute. This partnership enables developers building application services for specific blockchains to consume Cudo Compute resources at an efficient cost point, as the deployment of smart contracts will only push the necessary data on-chain for immutability. Now, over 150,000 users on the CUDOS Validator Network can option the ALGO as a payout token, enabling anyone running compute or mining to earn ALGO using the Cudo software.

Cudo's are the latest Algorand Foundation Grant recipient

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