About is a platform that allows writing on the blockchain to certify and demonstrate the existence and originality of digital documents at a certain moment. It also allows signing the transaction with a cryptographic private key, generated by the system at the time of registration, providing it with proof of paternity and certification. Designed to be used by a very wide audience, Dedit's usage is straightforward. Additional functionalities include the storage of the notarized files in the cloud, the possibility to forward them to multiple interested parties who can also sign them via the multi-signature function. The service is usable directly from the online platform, White Label and APIs.

How is using Algorand

Dedit is the only notarization platform in Europe that supports the Algorand public blockchain. Dedit notarization offerings benefit directly from the unique features of the Algorand network, namely and above all: scalability, finalization speed and cost efficiency, while retaining network decentralization and offering strong security guarantees; but also, the native Algorand L1 capabilities allow for ease of tokenization of digital assets (or any file for that matter) as well as all operations connected with token assets. All of the above concurs to allow for high quality notarization services that Dedit is able to offer to its own customers. Dedit is also being used by several enterprise and institutional customers thanks to its scalable serverless API infrastructure, meant to be connected to any process, enabling the notarization of any data flux.

How to Use

Notarization made easy. Learn how to use Dedit to sign and timestamp your files directly from home, making them immutable on the blockchain, in this short tutorial video.

Algorand Launches Global Partner Program to Accelerate Development and Adoption of Blockchain-Powered Products and Services

Latest News

Oct 15, 2020

Blockchain Italia S.r.l. wins “TOP of the PID 2020” award for DEDIT.IO Platform

May 28, 2020
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May 28, 2020

The first case of budget approval on Blockchain technology arrives in Italy

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