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About Delchain

Delchain is a full-service multi-currency banking, asset management, trading and advisory firm supporting blockchain companies. The company specializing in connecting traditional institutions with digital assets and providing a range of token, treasury, and trading services. Delchain is a part of Deltec International Group, a group of companies that provide banking, wealth management, and trust services.

How Delchain is using Algorand

Delchain will be adding the ALGO, USDT (Tether) on Algorand and Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs) to its portfolio of digital assets for custody, trading and staking (ALGO only). Algorand enables Delchain to offer staking services to their growing client base, who will now be able to generate passive income while their assets remain in secure and insured cold storage. Thanks to the addition of staking services, Delchain is able to offer clients the ability to buy, trade, stake, and custody digital assets, under one roof, for seamless management of private keys and wallets.

Delchain adds Algorand to its portfolio of digital assets

Latest News

Oct 13, 2020
Global Fintech Series

Delchain adds Algorand to its portofolio of digital assets

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