About FlexFinTx

FlexFinTx helps the 400 million Africans that lack proper forms of identification build self-sovereign digital identities so that they can prove who they are at any time, even without the internet. This population often lacks access to credit and formal employment opportunities solely because they are unable to prove who they are. The innovative platform allows financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare providers and all other government departments to quickly access the personal data they need to provide services.

How FlexFinTx is using Algorand

FlexID hashes are recorded on the Algorand chain, providing financial institutions and governments with the real-time visibility they need to verify that the identity is authentic. By using Algorand’s blockchain platform, FlexIDs are made to be tamper-proof and self-sovereign, meaning no organizations can access a user’s information without gaining permission from the individual, and the user has full control over their data.

Blockchain Africa Conference 2020 - Victor Mapunga

Victor Mapunga, Co-Founder and CEO of FlexFinTx, talks about rebuilding identities for Africa using the Algorand blockchain to create and store digital identities.

How FlexID is using Algorand to tackle a $50B problem across Africa

Latest News

May 5, 2020
Algorand Foundation

The Latest Winner of the Algorand Foundation Development Award - FlexID by FlexFinTx

Mar 23, 2020

The Blockchain Africa Participants Optimistic About Continent Becoming Center of Progress

Jan 31, 2020
Eyetro Digital

Young Zimbabwean Entrepreneur Introduces Flex ID System

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