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About InfoCert

InfoCert provides services in digitization, eDelivery, Digital signature, and digital preservation of documents through their DIZME platform. The company is the largest European Certification Authority, active in over 20 countries, and is an accredited AgID digital identity operator in the area of SPID (Public System for management of Digital Identity). DIZME integrates self-sovereign identities with eIDAS — electronic Identification, Authentication and trust Services — regulatory compliance to offer members of their trust community the ability to utilize digital identity credentials with full legal validity. DIZME issuers can create a Context Specific Credential easily through the DIZME Wallet, which can then be verified instantly by any Verifier on the network.

How is InfoCert using Algorand

InfoCert and Algorand have partnered to create a fluid and transparent monetization process on the DIZME platform through the implementation of Algorand Standard Assets. The integration of ASA makes it possible to use the DIZME token to benefit from a rewarding remuneration system and securely manage micro-transactions made during the credential exchange process. With these new reward incentives, Algorand's best-in-class blockchain technology will power further adoption of the DIZME platform and support the platform's commitment to facilitate digital transformation at a global level.

InfoCert and Algorand: Creating a digital identity ecosystem based on second-generation blockchain

Latest News

Nov 9, 2020
The Cryptonomist

Algorand and digital identity with InfoCert

Nov 9, 2020

Digital identity with blockchain: InfoCert-Algorand alliance

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