Financial Institutions, Infrastructure

About Mentat

Mentat Innovations delivers Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain solutions for enterprises that are seeking to unlock the hidden value of their data. Mentat has worked with the UK Government, Global Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Fintech, Telcos & Industrial companies. Mentat delivers transparent full stack solutions that accelerate enterprise performance, fusing the latest academic innovations to applied software development.

How Mentat is Using Algorand

Mentat's customers, mainly governments and large enterprises, are actively looking for the latest technology innovations that can provide immediate competitive advantage. To date, early blockchain platforms have lacked the speed, scale and transactional cost efficiency to be immediately useful in enterprise settings. With this new offering between Mentat and Algorand, any enterprise within the SAP platform ecosystem will be able to integrate and interoperate with Algorand’s blockchain seamlessly.

Mentat Leverages Algorand for SAP Connector, Paving the Way for Enterprise Blockchain Integration, Receives Foundation Grant Award



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