SIAE, one of the largest rights management companies founded in 1882, launches 4 Million NFTs on Algorand representing rights of nearly 100,000 creators.

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About is a microequity stock exchange powered by blockchain and aimed at letting users invest very small amounts in selected stocks. To hold one crypto-based microequity token is to hold a cryptocurrency that represents 1/10,000th share in a real stock. The tokens rise and fall in value separately, as they are not actually representing fractional shares. Initial tech stocks available at launch included: Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, Twitter, Amazon, Netflix, and Google.

How is using Algorand has build its business on the Algorand blockchain as the negligible transaction fees on Algorand allow MESE to provide microequity token shares that would not be viable on a chain with substantive transaction fees. At the core, enables the holding of a small percentage of a share, instead of a whole share of a very expensive stock that would otherwise be out of reach for many. Providing assessable wealth creation tools to the underbanked

On, users will be given the opportunity to take part in trading global tech stocks through a digital tokenization model that divides one share of traditional equity into an individual 1/10,000 microequity token of representative value. brings stock trading to the unbanked

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Sept 29, 2020

You Can Now Use Crypto to Buy Equity in Tesla, Apple, Google

Sept. 29, 2020
AMB Crypto

IBMR launches Algorand-powered ‘microequity’ exchange for financial inclusivity

Sept. 29, 2020
The Cryptonomist, the microequity exchange on the Algorand blockchain

Explore More Use Cases supports the Asia Reserve Currency Coin (ARCC), the world's first micro asset that provides financial inclusion to the nearly 300 million unbanked adults in Southeast Asia.


IDEX is the world's leading decentralized smart contract exchange to support real-time trading and high transaction throughput.


The Securitize compliance platform and protocol provide a proven, full-stack solution for issuing and managing digital securities (security tokens).