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Smile Coin

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About Smile Coin

Smile Coin (SMILE) is on a mission to decentralize gaming activity by enabling users to view, manage, and track their gaming activity on open, public infrastructure. The blockchain-based network will create a decentralized platform for gamers to manage and control the use of their gaming data and leverage AI tools to optimize performance. Their offerings will also include streamlined financing for gaming companies and alternatives for payment processing.

Founded in 2021, Smile Coin was created to solve high fees, slow payment processing, and unfair domestic banking regulations in the gaming industry. Solving for these will transform the way gaming businesses and gamers transact in burgeoning digital gaming economies.

How Smile Coin is Using Algorand

Smile Coin began developing its application on Ethereum, but ran into challenges on scaling in order to meet the needs of the massive gaming industry. 

The Smile Coin team elected to migrate its project to Algorand in order to provide users with a faster, more cost-effective, and fully decentralized transaction platform. 

Algorand has seen an increase in DeFi teams leveraging its high-performing network that also has a simple deployment model with the Algorand Virtual Machine (AVM).

Introducing Smile Coin: Decentralizing the Gaming Industry on Algorand

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