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About Stonize

Stonize is an Italian FinTech company focused on transitioning towards a more inclusive financial system with a mission to make securitization accessible and transparent. Stonize's end-to-end platform streamlines the issuance, management, and transfer of compliant digital securities. It partners with the CNR, the largest Italian research institution, to foster breakthrough innovation aiming at democratizing financial services.

How Stonize is using Algorand

Stonize will leverage Algorand's Atomic Transfers and Algorand Smart Contract in Layer-1 (ASC1) to provide its customers with faster and more secure clearing and settlement processes.  Stonize team is working on enhancing Delivery Versus Payment process by leveraging Atomic Transfers for multiple party transactions and the ASC1 template for escrow. Stonize will issue security tokens on Algorand as Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs).

Stonize Meets Algorand

Latest News

Nov 26, 2019

Stonize Announces New Uses Cases Made Possible with Algorand 2.0

July 22, 2020

Securitisations: a new phase opens with the blockchain and the Stonize model

Apr 16, 2020
Eterna Capital

Eterna Capital and Borderless Capital launch venture studio for organizations building on Algorand

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