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About Verady

Verady provides cryptocurrency tax, accounting, and confirmation capabilities through the Ledgible platform. Verady believes traditional accounting systems, firms, and standards are currently lacking functionality around cryptocurrencies. Ledgible helps accounting firms manage users, integrate to your existing ledger and use advanced reporting methods.

How Verady is using Algorand

Verady's Ledgible will be integrating Algorand, and thus the Algo into its software, so that all holders of the native token of the Algorand platform will have integrated accounting. This partnership expands the growing suite of digital financial products and services that are available to Algorand users.

Verady Unveils Ledgible Accounting Partnerships with and Algorand

Latest News

May 8, 2020

Algorand Partnership Offers Integrated Accounting to Token Holders

June 10, 2020

Algorand Partners and Holders to Benefit from Verady’s Financial Reporting Tools

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