SIAE, one of the largest rights management companies founded in 1882, launches 4 Million NFTs on Algorand representing rights of nearly 100,000 creators.

Voyager Digital

Digital Assets, Stablecoins

About Voyager Digital

Voyager Digital Ltd. is a crypto-asset broker that provides retail and institutional investors with a turnkey solution to trade crypto assets. Voyager offers commission free investing access to over 50 digital assets on the Voyager App. The company has over $100M AUM, experiencing exponential growth from December of last year when the company had $5M AUM. Investors have the opportunity to earn up to 9.5% interest APR on crypto assets through the Voyager app. Among other features in the companies toolbox, Voyager offers advanced market data, interactive charts, and professional research to prime investors with actionable data that could give them an edge in the crypto markets.

How is Voyager using Algorand

Voyager will develop USDC payment rails on the Algorand Protocol, giving users the ability to buy, hold, trade, and self-custody their USDC, ALGO, and Algorand Standard Assets on Voyager. These payment rails will make USDC transactions more efficient and less costly for consumers, while enabling them to take advantage of new interest-bearing benefits. Voyager has received an AlgoGrant from the Algorand Foundation to continue their efforts to provide consumers with a robust and consumer-friendly digital asset investing experience. The partnership between Algorand and Voyager facilitates the buying, selling, and transacting of existing, and future, Algorand Standard Assets through the voyager app. This development will power further adoption of USDC on the Algorand blockchain and accelerate expansion of Voyager Digital's service.

Voyager Digital Announces Digital Asset Investing Solutions on Algorand

Latest News

Dec 3, 2020
Modern Consensus

Voyager Digital adds interest on Algorand USDC

Dec 5, 2020
The Chain Bulletin

Voyager Digital Adds Support for USDC, Algorand Standard Assets

Dec 3, 2020

Voyager Digital Announces Digital Asset Investing Solutions On Algorand

How to Buy Algorand on Voyager

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