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About Yieldly

Yieldly is the world’s first borderless and interconnected DeFi platform designed and developed on Algorand. Yieldly's mission is to empower the next one billion crypto users to exchange digital value - without friction, gas inefficiency, or security risk. Yieldly is backed by the top venture capitals, including Borderless Capital, LongHash Ventures, and CMS holdings. It has been audited and secured by award-winning cybersecurity firm, Halborn.

How Yieldly is using Algorand

Yieldly has built the first set of DeFi smart contracts native to Algorand. By bringing the power of DeFi to Algorand, Yieldly lets users stake, pool, and swap ASA assets. 

Yieldly further unlocks interoperability with mission critical infrastructure for Algorand in the form of the world-first bridge solution. With Yieldly, ASA tokens can now seamlessly flow between all major protocols, including Algorand. The first use case is an Algorand - Ethereum bridge, enabling low cost, near instantaneous token swaps between ecosystems.  

Yieldly encourages developer growth on Algorand’s high performing and cost effective blockchain infrastructure. Yieldly is a platform where innovative ASA-based projects can access liquidity and users, expedite development, and bootstrap adoption.

The Future of Finance: Expanding DeFi on Algorand with Yieldly.Finance

Algorand's VP of Marketing Keli Callaghan sat down with Yieldly Co-Founder Sebastian Quinn to talk about how Yieldly is expanding DeFi on Algorand.

Yieldly: Multi-Asset Staking and Cross-Chain Swapping on Algorand

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