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When will the token be released, what are the token metrics, and how do I get coins?


Here at Algorand, we don’t believe that ICOs result in fairness or true decentralization; Instead, we will take a novel approach to achieve these results.  Stay tuned for additional details!

How are the certifying committees of the proposed block chosen for each round?


Algorand uses cryptographic sortition1 to select a committee to certify each proposed block. This mechanism is similar to the selection of block proposers, except that a different seed is used as the input to the VRF. Selected users need to propagate their messages (votes) throughout the network, together with a universally verifiable proof of their selection.

1Cryptographic sortition in blockchains was pioneered by Algorand, since the first version of its white paper (citation: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1607.01341v1.pdf –page 12 “Main Desiderata in Verifier Selection”).

What are the hashes in the Algorand roadmap?


Algorand is deeply committed to continuous innovation. The hashes are commitments to selected new innovations the Algorand team will unveil and deploy in the future. Hashes are computed as follows: SHA256(SHA256(msg) || SHA256(nonce)).

How do I apply for TestNet and when will I be given access?


Algorand is very excited to open our TestNet up to the developer community. To accommodate the overwhelming interest in our innovative platform, we are adding new users to TestNet in a phased approach. The first group, our early design partners, joined TestNet in July 2018 and have been providing feedback that will drive enhancements prior to a broader launch.

For those who have applied for access to TestNet, we recently sent a survey that will be used to select the next group.

If you have applied and not received the survey, please re-apply on the website as we continue to allow access to TestNet in the coming months. If you have not yet applied and wish to be involved, please apply here.

We appreciate your patience during this exciting time as we allow more and more of our large community onto TestNet.

What are Algorand's incentives?


Algorand has a unique model for incentives that allows all users to benefit from network growth, not just a centralized few. We look forward to sharing more with you. Stay tuned for additional details!

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