Algorand has launched a $2 million bug bounty program on Immunefi!

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Algorand is uniquely positioned at the intersection of new and traditional models as we move towards a tipping point in blockchain adoption. Our technology is empowering organizations across defi, traditional finance, and government (CBDC) to participate in the new economic reality with a high performing foundational blockchain designed for the future of finance, what we call FutureFi.

FutureFi on Algorand:

Today & Tomorrow

  • Create & Deploy Tokens, NFTs, Stablecoins, Securities, Currencies

  • Simple & Cost Effective Payment Infrastructure

  • Create New Financial Tools, Protocols and Services

In addition, we are continuing to define the standard for the most advanced blockchain technology to make FutureFi possible and are focused on interoperability, private and public models, performance and scale, Layer-2 smart contracts and more.

Algorand has seen significant adoption of nearly 600 organizations building on the open, public blockchain. This has resulted in a healthy ecosystem in which users can transact, engage, and leverage new tools.

Developer focused since day 1, we believe in simplified tooling that makes it straightforward for developers to build on blockchain. Robust resources and collaboration tools encompass Java, JavaScript (node.js and browser), Python and Go SDKs, and REST APIs.

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