Hack Your Way to the Borderless Economy

Algorand makes it simple and fast for developers to build on blockchain. With Java, JavaScript (node.js and browser), Go, and Python SDKs, along with REST APIs, you can build on Algorand in your preferred programming languages. Easily get up and running writing node or web applications on Algorand and quickly integrate with applications in common languages.

Why Build on Algorand


Visit developer.algorand.org for access to all of our dev tools. 

  • Feel free to use the Hackathon Lab Exercise to get started with all of the Algorand developer tools, which includes step by step instructions for: Getting Started, Private Network, Goal command line, AlgoExplorer, SDKs and Resources.
  • Feel free to communicate and ask questions with others in the community on gitter or on discord
  • Use any of the dev tools provided and leverage our SDKs and APIs to create a unique application on Algorand! 
  • Bonus if you write to and read from the ‘note field’

Upcoming Hackathons

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Hack the North

Future of Blockchain

Judging Criteria 

  • Quality of Idea : How creative and original is the idea?
  • Implementation of the Idea : How does the application use Algorand’s SDKs, notefield, or other developer tools?
  • Creativity: How creative or innovative is the application?
  • Impact: How applicable is the solution to the real world? Is the impact positive?
  • Completeness : How complete is this application with respect to the Algorand dev tools?


Cash prizes
Raspberry Pi 4 4GB w/ case + Matrix Creator
Thule 32L Backpack
Amazon Gift Certificates
Ledger Nano

Evaluation Team 

The evaluation team is comprised of members of the Algorand product and developer relations team. We are here for:

  • Helping on technical questions and better understanding our technology stack with respect to your hackathon application
  • Selecting the winning teams that will receive our prizes and get recognition on socials!
  • Advising you on getting more involved in our amazing community and ecosystem 

Getting Started 

Go to developer.algorand.org to get your own node up and running.

More Resources 

Example solutions:

Community Resources:

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