Creating NFTs on Algorand:

Enduring Value, Environmentally Friendly, Expanding Opportunity

Algorand’s foundational technology is intentionally designed to support and include all asset types for the future of finance - including Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). We believe in the long-term value that NFT’s will bring in a new era of digital assets, and are committed to ensuring their success in the creation, management and participation in this digital economy.

NFTs: a unique digital asset with on-chain representation of ownership and identification of its authenticity that include assets where the value is embedded in the data of the NFT, external to the NFT (in-game items), or with an off chain asset (real estate or IP rights). We believe in the valuable characteristics of NFTs that include:

  • Programmability

  • Divisibility

  • Transferability

  • Provability

  • Authenticity

NFT: Algorand Core Tech & Functionality Required for Success
Forkless, Reliable, Secure, and truly Decentralized

An NFT on a network that is decentralized by design provides certainty of that blockchain’s future. Without it, an NFT is at the risk of the blockchain not enduring over time, a risk that can impact the overall value of an NFT.

Speed, Scalability and Immediate Finality

All transactions on Algorand are final in mere seconds, removing any uncertainty in the settlement process of NFTs, and allowing for the performance and scale needed for successful minting.

Nominal Transaction Fees

A platform with low transaction fees ensures greater participation for creators, democratizing the minting, ownership, and sale of NFTs

Fractional Ownership

Democratizing ownership with access to fractional ownership so an asset with a significant price tag can have shared ownership through an NFT, making high cost assets much more accessible

Simple Creation & Launch

Algorand has been developer focused since inception; we strive to simplify and optimize the experience and functionality for our growing community of NFT creators and issuers. NFTs can be built on Algorand in a number of ways:

NFTs can be built using Algorand’s layer 1 ASAs in seconds

Highly customized NFTs with unique transfer logic can be built using Stateful Smart Contracts.

NFTs built using ASAs can be manipulated with unique logic using Smart Contracts.

Highly configurable NFT applications can be built using a combination of Atomic Transfers, ASAs, Stateful and Smart Contracts.

Preferred Partner Assistance

Want to put your idea into play quickly? We have partners that can assist with the resources and expertise

Funding Support

Borderless Capital Launches $10 Million a

Algorand's NFT Ecosystem:

There are a number of core requirements for a robust NFT ecosystem. This includes exchange support, marketplace, custody, medium of exchange, tax compliance and more. The DeFi world is heavily engaged in this new economy creating a convergence between the DeFi world and the Creator World and Algorand is connecting both for a vibrant blockchain ecosystem.

A well-curated ecosystem allows for the impact of the long-term success of NFTs, leading to:

New economic models that include:

  • Wealth creation and participation
  • Increased ownership & revenue opportunity
  • Low friction & transaction costs for rights holders
  • High security
  • Broader market accessibility

Wealth creation and participation

  • Ease of creation for increased adoption
  • New models of ownership and management for expanded opportunities

NFT’s on Algorand:

A wide range of unique NFT use-cases are unfolding in both the physical and virtual world, and for the first time creators are now empowered to sell their work directly to their fans while keeping most of the monetary value.

Check out those who are leveraging the Algorand ecosystem for NFTs that will have enduring value and are setting out on a path for success in the future of finance: