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Apr 08, 2020

Recap: Algorand Co-Chain LIVE Q&A

By: Keli Callaghan

Thanks to our global community who joined us yesterday for a live Q&A session with the Algorand team on the latest release from our Research Team, Algorand Co-Chains. Our Turing Award-winning founder, Silvio Micali, was online to kick the virtual event off, followed by a session with Naveed Ihsanullah (Head of Engineering Research), Jing Chen (Head of Theory Research) and Paul Riegle (Head of Product).

Questions from attendees covered topics such as upgrades to the two versions, interoperability, validators, blocktimes and network efficiency, synchronization, working directly with the Algorand team on these types of solutions and more.

If you didn’t have the chance to join, I encourage you to watch the replay!

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