Apr 02, 2020

Algorand Co-Chains: The Need for Both Public and Private Blockchains

By: Algorand

Solving the need for both public and private blockchain solutions

Algorand’s Research team is at the forefront of innovation and achievement for blockchain. Led by Turing Award-winning cryptographer and Algorand Founder Silvio Micali, the latest release from this group is focused on the need for both private and public blockchain. 

The Algorand protocol is a public permissionless blockchain platform that enables all organizations, individuals and governments to exchange value in a manner that is efficient, secure and transparent. However, governments, central banks and traditional financial organizations have complex regulatory, control and compliance requirements that frequently require a different solution. 

Understanding this need for both public and private blockchains, Silvio Micali has recently shared his latest for Algorand Co-Chains, which are private permissioned chains that interoperate with the Algorand MainNet. 

A simple overview of what Algorand Co-Chains provide:

  • Independent from the public chain
  • Provides rigorous fine-grained control
  • Transactions shielded from outsiders
  • Chooses its own validators
  • Runs its own Algorand consensus algorithm
  • Interoperates with the Algorand main chain to transact with other co-chains with the same ease and security 
  • Enjoys all the benefits of the Algorand main chain

To learn more about Algorand Co-Chains, Watch the Algorand Co-Chain Q&A


  • Silvio Micali, Founder
  • Naveed Ihsanullah, VP of Engineering Research
  • Jing Chen, Head of Theory Research and Chief Scientist
  • Paul Riegle, VP Product

Moderated by:

  • Keli Callaghan, VP Marketing