Jan 31, 2020

Algorand Hires Lobbyists to Work with Legislators on Clear Guidance

By: Algorand

Organizations across the United States continue to drive blockchain adoption, increasing the demand for regulatory clarity for blockchain technologists and entrepreneurs. In order to help achieve this, Algorand believes in a healthy dialogue about the business value blockchain brings to the U.S. economy.

Algorand will be working with regulators and legislators in Washington D.C. to provide insight into the technological advantages and nuances of blockchain, and to encourage the U.S. to persevere on this new frontier of technological innovation. 

Algorand has recently begun work with Franklin Square Group, which takes pride in working with the most ambitious and transformative leaders in Washington to create real change.  Together, we will be working on promoting the development of laws, regulations, and actual use cases by the US government so that our country can become the global leader in blockchain innovation.