Jul 24, 2019

Blockchain Education Network (BEN) Announces Partnership with Algorand

By: Algorand

Earlier today, the Blockchain Education Network (BEN) welcomed Algorand as an integral partner in educating the growing community of blockchain enthusiasts. BEN recognized that Algorand, with its launch earlier in June, is quickly becoming one of the most exciting projects in the blockchain space with speeds that reach over 1,000 transactions per second (TPS) and latency that is less than five seconds. With a primary focus on the developer community, we are well positioned here at Algorand to engage and educate BEN’s community of students from around the world through comprehensive lesson plans and hands-on activities.

Beyond the new course, which is available here, BEN offers its students access to Algorand meetups and hackathons, giving them an opportunity to learn directly from the Algorand team. Both companies are passionate about engaging the community through these events, challenges, hackathons, and bounties to build a better world beyond borders. Last May, Algorand and BEN worked together for the BUIDLBoston Hackathon, bringing in students around the Boston-area to learn, hack, and develop social and sustainable solutions that solve real-world issues. 

“We are proud of the work that BEN is doing and excited to be partnering with them to drive user accessibility, education and awareness,” said W. Sean Ford, COO of Algorand. “It is with partnerships and community efforts such as this that we are able to continue momentum in bringing blockchain technology mainstream and realizing the opportunity for all that is ushered in by this new era of technical achievement.” 

BEN provides the ultimate curriculum for blockchain clubs, professors, and students to teach their clubs, classes, and friends about blockchain. It also provides a way for students to discover new blockchain projects and test out use cases. BEN’ s curriculum is ever-evolving with the help of BEN’s directors, national teams, chapters, clubs, students, and professors. Recently celebrating their 5 year anniversary, BEN has over 2,350 students and graduates from across 1,000 universities in over 96 countries. BEN has 8 national chapters in USA, Canada, Australia, Italy, India, Dubai, Colombia, and Vietnam. To gain access to BEN’s full curriculum, tutorials, activities, and resources from Algorand and other partners, visit

Algorand is a blockchain platform founded by cryptography pioneer, Turing award winner and MIT professor, Silvio Micali. Algorand’s blockchain platform creates full transparency, protection and speed within a truly decentralized network. It achieves velocity on par with large payment and financial networks while securely scaling to billions of users. Algorand’s pure proof-of-stake approach is the first of its kind to provide immediate transaction finality without forking.  To join the Algorand community, visit