Apr 22, 2020

Recap: BlockDown's Virtual 3D Experience & Panel Video

By: Shamir Ozery

With conferences and events shifting online, we were excited to be part of BlockDown 2020 and immerse ourselves in a new virtual event experience for blockchain.

BlockDown felt like a glimpse of the future - a video-game-like 3D surrounding that simulates the conference environment. Set in a virtual conference hall - participants were represented by customizable avatars and could walk around, chat with other participants, visit virtual booths and sit-in on the live broadcasted panels (scroll down to watch the "Challenges for Enterprises" panel we participated in).

At the Algorand booth - participants could chat with a member of our team, watch Algorand's explainer video, read an Algorand overview or learn about our Core Tech in a nutshell.

Panel: Challenges for Enterprises in the Crypto Industry

Pietro Grassano, Algorand's Director of Business Solutions - Europe, joined Joanna Ossinger (Bloomberg), Peter Demeo (IBM) and Alex Batlin (Trustology) - all who shared unique insights and perspectives around industry adoption of blockchain technology.

The in-depth discussion includes:

- How blockchain can help enterprises going forward.

- The importance of using solutions that are scalable, decentralized & secure.

- How Covid-19 is affecting the space and much more.

Watch below:

From On-Site to Online

With on-site events and conferences moving to virtual, we at Algorand are making a strong push to create live, engaging online content, that is accessible to all.

In addition to BlockDown, some recent virtual events we were involved in include:

  1. Use Cases Panel (featuring PureStake, Attestiv & Bleumi)
  2. David Markley's Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) presentation at the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) Virtual Members Forum
  3. Live Co-Chain Q&A featuring Silvio Micali & Team

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