Jul 15, 2019

Analytics for Successful Blockchain Development: Flipside Crypto & Algorand

By: Algorand

As we previously shared with our community, Algorand has been working with Flipside Crypto to make sure that developers are enabled with the right tools. 

Decentralized applications (DApps) are considered one of the largest potential uses of blockchain technology, as they open a new world of opportunity to create new functionality never seen before. But little intelligence exists in this area, leaving developers lacking insight into what’s going in and out of their DApps. This makes it challenging to measure success and make enhancements. 

Today, we are excited to share that DApp developers on Algorand will now have access to a free analytics suite that offers far more visibility into performance. 

This will allow developers the ability to:

  • Annotate DApp addresses 
  • Monitor the live number of active addresses, incoming transactions, and outgoing transactions 
  • Compare a DApp’s activity to other DApps on Algorand’s platform

These metrics are vital for developers to be able to monitor and react to different streams of data. We are pleased to offer to our community the most complete set of analytics measuring the fundamental health of projects on Algorand. 

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