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Dec 11, 2020

Developer Office Hours: Learn About Reach | Dec 15, 2020

By: Algorand

Join us for a walkthrough on how to build your first DApp on Algorand using Reach!

We are excited to welcome the team at Reach as guest speakers at Dev Office Hours.

Reach is a partner of Algorand and provides a fast, easy, and safe way to build blockchain applications. The team there was recently awarded an Algorand Foundation Grant to drastically enhance the blockchain development experience in building DApps on Algorand.  

With Reach, developers just need to write their applications in a familiar JavaScript syntax that is designed to be written quickly in high-level business logic. The application is then mathematically guaranteed and verified as being correct to prevent potentially costly unalterable mistakes. 

Reach is made up of a programming language, a compiler, and a deploy tool. The unique compiler outputs the entire application, not just the smart contract, which removes the complexity of building and maintaining the multiple moving pieces of a traditional DApp. Once the compilation is complete, Reach automatically launches the DApp on an Algorand node. All this makes a typically very complicated process simple and seamless. 

Getting Started on Reach: 

Join us on December 15th, between 10-11am EST (15:00-16:00 GMT) and walk away having successfully built your very first DApp on Algorand!

While this office hour has ended, catch up with the replay:

Helpful Reach Resources:

Lastly, get in on the conversation!

About Reach

Jay McCarthy received his PhD in Computer Science from Brown University and serves as an associate professor of computer science at UMass Lowell. Since 2005, he has conducted research in formal verification, programming language design and implementation, and cryptographic protocol analysis. He has over 25 peer-reviewed publications, with over 400 citations. Jay is one of the creators of the Racket programming language and recipient of the 2018 SIGPLAN Programming Languages Software Award.


Chris Swenor has over 15 years of experience managing technical teams around the world and over 3 years of experience in blockchain ventures. He is also currently a mentor at Harvard Business School, TechStars, and MassChallenge.