Sep 13, 2019

Exciting Momentum in the Algorand Community this Month!

By: Keli Callaghan, Algorand

Still in its early days, the Algorand ecosystem is experiencing rapid growth as performance remains high and innovation continues. With unmatched speed and scalability, founder Silvio Micali has also recently shared details on what is next for Algorand from a protocol perspective with a blog on upcoming fungible tokens and Atomic Multi-Party Transfers.

The performance and innovation is driving more organizations, developers and blockchain enthusiasts to use Algorand’s blockchain for their initiatives. 

New Organizations in the Algorand Ecosystem

Securitize to Enable Digital Securities on the Algorand Platform

Securitize, a platform delivering trusted global solutions for compliant digital securities, announced a partnership with Algorand to support their DS Protocol, which will allow issuers the ability to issue Securitize powered digital securities on the Algorand Blockchain. Securitize’s platform-agnostic DS Protocol will now support Algorand, giving issuers using Securitize an additional high-performance platform option for issuing, trading, and performing corporate actions using digital securities.

Read more from Securitize

IDEX Plans for Next Generation Decentralized Exchange on Algorand 

IDEX, the world’s leading decentralized exchange, has selected Algorand to develop advanced financial tools and services to support the new economy. With Algorand, IDEX can develop a solution with full finality, tokenization of assets, and programmatic transfers at Layer-1. Read more from IDEX

Bleumi Joins the Algorand Ecosystem 

Bleumi launches consulting practice dedicated to enterprises building on Algorand. The company also joins a growing list of organizations accepting payment in Algos. Read press release 

VC Fund Dedicated to Projects on Algorand Closes at $200 Million

Algo Capital, the financial institution focused on accelerating access, adoption and liquidity of the Algo, closed on its VC Fund at $200 million, surpassing the original goal of $100 million. The fund will invest in category-leading businesses building on Algorand. Read press release

Randlabs Accepts Algos for Payment 

Randlabs, a blockchain development company building innovative tools on Algorand, announced they are now accepting the Algo as a form of payment for its services.  In addition, Randlabs now receives prepaid and recurring payments for distribution services as a result of Algorand’s unique ability to pre-sign future transactions. Read more from Randlabs

PureStake launches API Service for Algorand Developers

PureStake, a leader in secure and reliable blockchain infrastructure, announced earlier last week the release of its new Algorand API-as-a-Service. This service enables developers to quickly and reliably access both Algorand's TestNet and MainNet, reducing time to market and improving application stability. Read more from PureStake

Building on Algorand

There are a number of opportunities to build on Algorand in upcoming hackathons.  Be sure to join the team at one of these events to find out how easy it is to build on Algorand and realize the benefits of blockchain. 

HackMIT | September 14-15, 2019 | Boston, Massachusetts

Hack the North | September 13 -15, 2019 | University of Waterloo

Barclays DevriHack | October 16– 17, 2019 | Rise London, Rise New York and Singapore

Future of blockchain | October 21, 2019 | London, UK

Technica | November 9-10, 2019 | College Park, Maryland

Perspectives From the Algorand Community

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Looking forward to seeing what comes next!