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Jul 24, 2019

Community Reminder: Be Aware of Fraudulent Activity

By: Algorand

We would like to take a moment to remind our community to stay vigilant and aware of fraudulent activity. In particular, please note that "Algorand Ecology" and anything referencing this project is fraudulent and has no affiliation with the Algorand. It is designed to take Algos from unsuspecting users on an app.

For information on economics and distribution of the Algo, the native token of the Algorand platform, please visit For information regarding the technology and innovation behind the platform, please visit

The official social channels for Algorand are:

Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Telegram | Medium | WeChat | Reddit | YouTube

The official social channels for the Algorand Foundation are:

Twitter | LinkedIn | Telegram | Medium | WeChat

Official websites of the Algorand Ecosystem:

Fraudulent Sites Not Affiliated with Algorand:

The following sites are fraudulent and have no connection to Algorand, the Algorand Foundation or the Algorand community. Any activity from these sites making representations about Algorand, or any Algorand auctions or token sales, is misleading and likely theft. This activity should be reported to authorities.

  • Any site, app, or channel referencing "Algorand Ecology" or "Algorand Global"

We will update this list regularly to keep our community informed. To report any fraudulent activity, please email [email protected].