Apr 28, 2020

Recap: Future of Blockchain Competition

By: Jason Weathersby

This week marked the end of Future of Blockchain - a 3 month hackathon featuring over 140 teams from all over the world building blockchain solutions and competing for some lucrative prizes.

Algorand was the natural choice for many blockchain projects which required scalability, security and decentralization and Algorand’s Developer Relations team was very impressed by the teams and products built on our platform.

We look forward to sharing more about these projects in the near future, but here is a quick recap of the the winning projects:

Algorand Grand Prize Winner

Decentralized Robinson List - 25K Algos

The Robinson list is an opt-out list of people who do not wish to receive marketing transmissions. 

Nowadays, Robinson lists are managed in centralized infrastructures. We aim at demonstrating that Robinson lists can be implemented in decentralized infrastructures thus empowering citizens in autonomously managing their own choices. 

To this purpose we implemented a PoC of the RPO, the Italian Robinson list, on Algorand exploiting some interesting technical ingredients such as assets, atomic transactions and TEAL. Our PoC shows that Algorand can be considered an effective solution. The next step is to show that Algorand is also efficient in supporting over 100 Million expected users and even more in a future trans-national deployment.

Link to Presentation

Additional Algorand awards - 15K Algos
Mango (AAM in Hindi) is an Algorand Asset Manager, which provides a web interface for users to create, freeze, revoke, modify, and destroy Algorand Standard Assets.  

You start by importing your mnemonic phrase into the app (which is NEVER stored anywhere) - after which you can fill out web forms specifying the asset information to create it, or select a previously created asset to manage it. We use Angular 9 for the frontend, and a Go based REST API using the Algorand Go SDK. Additionally, while what we built for the competition meets the challenge requirements, we wish to expand this project to be a one-stop-hub for anything related to Algorand Assets, including but not limited to, transferring assets, performing atomic swaps, and indexing assets.

algoBox - 15K Algos
AlgoBox is an easy to use chrome extension that enables you to create Algorand wallets, transfer Algos, switch between various algorand networks, schedule transactions for future dates, easy wallet management and more. It also exposes various APIs for developers to use, like approve and transfer functionalities. 

A fully functioning Algorand TEAL Explorer (by Rand Labs) - 15K Algos
This explorer was deployed on algoexplorer and able to display all transactions and addresses associated with a TEAL program, as well as link them to the address overview. Furthermore, we are able to decompile the code of a TEAL program to a human readable format. In addition to displaying the TEAL program, the explorer also displays the program arguments and compiled code in Base64. The TEAL explorer works in Mainnet, Testnet, and Betanet.  

Eventers ([email protected]) - 15K Algos
A single platform for Organizers to manage ticket allocation, access to a secondary ticket selling platform with features like dynamic pricing, ticket allocation, reselling and enabling faster access to money.

Non-Fungible Tokens in the form of tickets with allocation from the originators, enable reselling and handling ticket counterfeiting. Attendees can assure genuine tickets, without thinking about the complexity of underlying technology.
Features include:

  • Decentralized ticket supply chain.
  • Ticket validation: helping against ticket counterfeiting.
  • Ticket reselling: enable reselling standards based on local regulations.
  • Non-Fungible assets in the form of tickets with allocation from the originator.

Why Teams Choose Algorand

The above projects represent just a small taste for what’s possible on Algorand. Transaction speed, finality and extremely low fees are just some of the benefits that make Algorand the obvious blockchain of choice for developers.  

Today, anyone can learn to use and build applications on the Algorand blockchain. If you are interested in getting started with Algorand, our recently redesigned Developer Portal offers Tutorials, Solutions, and Articles that will help you get started.  The portal which is searchable and can be filtered to give quick and intuitive guides for common tasks. 

We are looking for developers to contribute to the Algorand community and earn rewards - learn how it works here and don’t forget to check out the Algorand Foundation’s recently announced 250M Algo grants program!

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