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Sep 10, 2021

Colombian Government selects Vitalpass, Co-created by Auna Ideas, as the Nation’s Official Digital Vaccination Passport

By: Koibanx

• Built on Algorand, this blockchain-based certificate is free and secure, as it leverages a technological process highly reliable for user data accuracy and privacy.

Vitalpass will record and certify the vaccination status of Colombian citizens and connect with other vaccination passports globally.

September 10, 2021 -- Vitalpass, the COVID-19 digital vaccination passport co-created by Auna Ideas Foundation and Koibanx and developed leveraging Algorand’s blockchain, has been chosen by the Colombian government as its official immunization certificate. Colombia is the first country in Latin America to adopt this technology, joining the ranks of others already doing this, including Singapore, Japan, South Korea and New York City .

This initiative has been made possible thanks to Auna’s commitment to vaccination in Colombia and Peru, and through partnerships with local and national governments. A milestone in Colombia and Latin America, Vitalpass has been co-designed by the Innovation and HealthTech division of Auna Ideas as part of their commitment to provide comprehensive health solutions. This digital vaccination passport is free and cannot be falsified, since it creates a permanent and inalterable record on Algorand Blockchain, which is a public, decentralized network that was purpose-built for global applications that can scale to mass adoption.

Vitalpass was developed with the technological support of Koibanx, a LATAM company with more than 6 years of experience implementing blockchain-based asset tokenization and transactional solutions for the financial and government sectors.

"The use of blockchain technology makes this digital passport one of the safest and most reliable tools to guarantee the transparent process of vaccination in Colombia, because the information cannot be changed, erased or manipulated, thus ensuring the validity of the certificate against cases of forgery, double vaccination, or others." said Dr. Andrés Vásquez, Director of Biomedical Innovation and Health-Tech at Auna Ideas.

Auna Ideas Foundation has granted the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Colombia free and perpetual rights to deploy VitalPass as the country’s tool to certify its citizens’ COVID-19 vaccination before any national or international agency. Similar agreements are expected to be signed with other governments in Latin America.

Vitalpass is part of the Commontrust Network, where multiple organizations worldwide joined efforts to give patients digital access to their health data using open, interoperable and verifiable standards. In addition, negotiations are underway to connect with GreenPass, the European Union’s COVID-19 digital immunization certification system.

With this initiative, Auna, through the Auna Ideas Foundation, reaffirms its commitment to fight COVID-19 and to leverage innovation to transform the healthcare experience of an increasing number of families in Latin America.


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