Planning CBDC with Confidence

Central banks and governments have been thrust into a new reality with new opportunities to foster economic growth and prosperity for their people, preserve monetary value, and maintain governance over their currency. Algorand is armed with technical proficiencies, thought leaders, and capabilities to help central banks around the world plan, test, and adopt blockchain in order to thrive and participate in a new digital economy.

Digital Currency Resources
Key Design Principles for a Successful CBDC Deployment

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) could represent the most exciting innovation seen in central banking in many decades. Algorand’s Andrea Civelli explores replacing cash with modern money.

Report: Issuing CBDC

The challenges that CBDCs pose to central Banks and regulators, along with the considerations they require, are numerous. Experts from the Algorand teams provide an in depth report. 

Decentralization and CBDC

The payment system would benefit from decentralization in numerous ways. Algorand’s Andrea Civelli identifies five major areas where the advantages of a blockchain based decentralized CBDC for the payment system would be large.

Highlighted Government & Public Sector Use Cases


MAPay is a decentralized payment network solution that provides increased security while lowering transaction costs and improving payment performance for a multitude of industry stakeholders.


Blockchain payments platform for financial institutions that allows them to create their own payment ecosystems and the opportunity to serve unbanked users.


SIAE, one of the largest rights management companies founded in 1882, has launched 4 Million NFTs on Algorand representing rights of nearly 100,000 creators. This is the first step for SIAE for a blockchain-based future that will rapidly and profoundly change the business models for many other intermediaries across the management of rights and contents.

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