Mar 29, 2019

Algorand Welcomes Maurice Herlihy, Renowned Distributed Computing Expert

By: Algorand

We are excited to announce that Maurice Herlihy will be joining Algorand to further develop and advance our programming language and support technical enhancements in that area on the Algorand platform. Maurice brings to Algorand an understanding of what is needed to ensure components of the Algorand platform are production level ready for Algorand’s mature foundational blockchain. Currently a professor of computer science at Brown University, Maurice has been involved with projects at Aggregion, Ethos, Facebook, Taraxa and more.

In addition, he has served on the faculty of Carnegie Mellon University and the staff of DEC Cambridge Research Lab. He is the recipient of the 2003 Dijkstra Prize in Distributed Computing, the 2004 Gödel Prize in theoretical computer science, the 2008 ISCA influential paper award, the 2012 Edsger W. Dijkstra Prize, and the 2013 Wallace McDowell award. He received a 2012 Fulbright Distinguished Chair in the Natural Sciences and Engineering Lecturing Fellowship, and he is fellow of the ACM, a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, the National Academy of Engineering, and the National Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Maurice has an A.B. in Mathematics from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from M.I.T.

We look forward to having Maurice be part of our advancements in programming language as we continue to build technical innovation for the borderless economy.