Mar 13, 2019

Building in the Borderless Economy: Announcing Algorand’s JavaScript SDK Availability

By: Algorand

From the Algorand Developer Team:

We recently released our Go SDK, providing a simple GO API for interacting with the Algorand network. Today we are releasing our JavaScript SDK for Node.js and modern browsers. The SDK provides functions for creating accounts, backing up and restoring accounts, creating transactions and signing them in a stand alone environment. Additionally the SDK provides clients that can be used to interact with the algod and kmd processes of an Algorand node. This SDK is intended to help developers familiar with JavaScript to get up and running writing Node or Web applications with Algorand in an easy and familiar method.

The JavaScript SDK can currently be used on Algorand’s TestNet, currently accessible through this application. TestNet will be opened to all in the very near term. Users are encouraged to check out the github repository and share feedback. In addition, Algorand’s developer site adds additional details and examples for using this SDK.

To stay informed on upcoming launches of official clients for other languages, TestNet and MainNet news, please connect with us here.

SDK Quick Start

To use the SDK with a Web Application download the minified JavaScript file from the GitHub repository and include the file in your HTML.

<script src="algosdk.min.js"/>

To install and use in Node, run the following command from the command line:

$ npm install algosdk

Sample code

As a simple example, we can create an account and get the backup passphrase using the following Node example.

Be sure to to send us feedback and suggestions for improvements. If you want access to TestNet, please apply!