Algorand Founder Silvio Micali shares our approach to measuring performance and the technical innovations behind our performance goals for 2021.


The Algorand Wallet is an easy to use mobile app with a new design that includes key features, full integration of Algorand Standard Assets, and best-in-class security with Ledger Nano X integration.

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Notable Features

With a focus on user friendliness and clean design, the wallet also includes:

Comprehensive view allowing users to see their holdings without toggling between accounts

Visibility of rewards earned on Algo holdings

In-app calculations allowing users to view an exact USD value for Algos held in the wallet

Notifications so that users don’t miss any transfers or updates

The ability to write, receive & view transaction notes & history

A MainNet <> TestNet toggle, enabling developers to test assets & transactions before going to MainNet

Enhanced User Experience With New Account Management Features

Upgraded features for the Algorand Wallet.

Algorand has developed features that allow for a better user experience when managing a wallet account by:

  • Allowing users to see all of their notifications (old & new) in the new “Notification Center” tab
  • Increasing security by limiting the number of PIN entry attempts on the lock screen
  • Providing advanced sorting, filtering, and exporting each asset’s transaction history to CSV

Rekeying with Ledger Nano X

Algorand Rekeying along with Ledger Nano X allows users to update account configurations without the need to change their Public Address in the Algorand Wallet:

  • Add a Ledger Device to an existing non-Ledger account - take an existing account that is backed by a private key (passphrase) and change it so that it is backed by a Ledger Nano X device. 
  • Swap Ledger Devices - take an account that is backed by a Nano X device and swap to a new Ledger device. 

For more details on Rekeying with Ledger Nano X, visit our tutorial here


Best-in-class crypto security for assets held in the Algorand Wallet.

Algorand is providing wallet users the option to add an additional security layer towards:

  • Authenticating and authorizing transactions via Algorand’s mobile wallet.
  • Providing a cold storage option for creating and storing private keys offline. 

This integration enables the safety of Algos or any other asset built on the Algorand blockchain.

Tutorial: Pairing Your Algorand Wallet with Ledger Nano X

Full & Automatic Integration with User Defined Tokens

The moment an Algorand Standard Asset is created, that asset is supported and accessible in the wallet.

  • Wallet users can see the assets that other users have.
  • The assets benefit from the network speed, where any transaction is around 4 seconds.
  • Assets support & integration is free, and it is only a milli Algo for any writing to the blockchain.
  • This is a super simple way to interact with the blockchain. Within 5 mins, an asset can be created and easily distributed.


ios app store download buttonplay store app download button