As a next step toward responsible decentralization of the Algorand network, Silvio Micali and Jing Chen share a proposal for further decentralizing Algorand Governance

Who We Are

Blockchain has deep roots in academic theory and science. So do we. And we’ve balanced our team with unparalleled business acumen to ensure a sustainable platform.

Silvio Micali dedicated his career to pioneering research in the field of cryptography. He designed the Algorand platform from first principles with an internationally recognized team of researchers, mathematicians, cryptographers, and economists to guarantee true decentralization, scale and security. Today the Algorand team is made up of a world-class technology and research team along with proven business leaders from global technology companies.

We blend technical mastery and professional stability into the strongest team in the industry. Together we’re building a borderless future. Are you ready to join us?

Algorand’s Core Technology In A Nutshell

Algorand Founder Silvio Micali provides an overview of Algorand’s core technology.