Why Algorand

The blockchain industry is at an inflection point.  With deep roots in academic theory and scientific white papers, the enormous promise of this transformative technology has largely gone unfulfilled as a seemingly intractable trilemma of technical barriers have undermined the trust and capabilities necessary for mainstream adoption and business relevance.  Until now.

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Solves the Trilemma

Breakthrough innovation from Algorand means that businesses are no longer constrained to immature blockchain technology hindered by several previously intractable technical barriers. Businesses can now focus on development of real and tangible solutions that unlock the promise and potential of a decentralized and digital economy.

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Built for a Decentralized Economy

Decentralization matters to businesses because it matters to their customers. As consumers drive economies toward an increasingly digital, transparent, and borderless reality, businesses must embrace technology that supports decentralization to both remain strategically relevant and to participate in the economic potential of this new decentralized world.

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Scalable and Secure

Algorand’s innovative protocol enables transaction throughput velocity on par with large payment and financial networks and maintains that performance while securely scaling to billions of users.

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Full Transaction Finality

Algorand is the first blockchain to provide full and immediate transaction finality with no forking. This removes the uncertainty present in other blockchains, and provides transactional integrity for businesses who build on the Algorand platform.

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Smart Science and Proven Leadership

In addition to Silvio Micali, and an internationally recognized team of researchers, mathematicians, and cryptographers, Algorand has brought together a number of proven business leaders from leading global tech companies to help bring our pure proof-of-stake platform to the world.

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